Oct 12, 2014
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March?!?!! Many apologies for the lack of updates!

Mar 15, 2014
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Her sci-fi hit Continuum is about to debut this Sunday, but star Rachel Nichols has more to celebrate than her show’s upcoming third season: she and boyfriend Michael Kershaw recently got engaged. ET Canada caught up with actress on the set of Continuum to find out about her wedding plans and how she initially thought Michael’s proposal was a joke.

Although the couple hasn’t set a wedding date, she reveals the nuptials will be in “late September or early October” and will take place “in and around Vancouver,” Michael’s home town and where Continuum is shot.

“I’m actually going to be in Toronto to do press for the premiere of Continuum,” says Rachel, “and I think my fiancé — even though I hate that word — is coming, and we’re going to do cake testing and stuff like that.”

The proposal took place during a New Year’s Eve vacation in New York City, and Rachel reveals she had no idea Michael was going to pop the question. “I wasn’t expecting it at all,” she says. “He’d kinda screwed me before in our relationship, where he’d get down on one knee, look up at me and say, “Do you like my shoes?’ So actually the first words out of my mouth as he was getting down on one knee were, “As if — **** off, Michael. I’m hungry, let’s go.’ But then an actual ring came out and I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s actually happening.’ But that’s the running joke — that I swore at him first then I said yes.”

As for honeymoon plans, Rachel says they plan to go with the flow. “We’re trying to figure it out,” she says. “There are so many places that we want to go and so many places that people say we have to go, and right now once we get the wedding date set, we want to do the honeymoon right after, so we’ll know which places are having the best weather at that time. So basically we set the date and then everything rolls from there.”

You can catch the butt-kicking, less-romantic side of Rachel Nichols when she returns as time-traveling future cop Kiera Cameron in the third season of Continuum, premiering Sunday, Mar. 16 on Showcase.


Mar 10, 2014
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Mar 10, 2014
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Feb 7, 2014
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Prepare for the March 16, 2014 premiere date only on Showcase!

Jan 19, 2014
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I have added a few production stills of Rachel from RAZE to the gallery as well as one poster from the movie.

Gallery Link:
Movie Career > RAZE (2014) > Production Stills
Movie Career > RAZE (2014) > Posters and DVD Art

Jan 14, 2014
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Raze – Featurette: The Fights by dreadcentral

Jan 14, 2014
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Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a cop from the year 2077, finds herself trapped in the present day desperately trying to stop a terrorist group from the future before they can change the course of history forever. In Season 2, Kiera continues her uneasy alliance with Vancouver Police Detective Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) and grapples with the big question: why was she sent here? Meanwhile tech genius Alec (Erik Knudsen) struggles to understand the mysterious message sent from his future self and the terrorists, Liber8, becomes more strategic-and even more lethal. From its stunning first minutes to its explosive season finale, don’t miss the thrilling next chapter in Continuum: Season Two.Universal Studios Home Entertainment has today announced that onMarch 25ththey will bring outContinuum – Season 2on high-defBlu-ray Disc($49.98 SRP), and also on standardDVD($44.98 SRP). Extras (for both versions) include commentary tracks on 11 of the 13 episodes, plus a behind-the-scenes featurette:

  • Second Chances Commentary with Director/Executive Producer Pat Williams, Creator Simon Barry, and Actor Rachel Nichols
  • Split Second Commentary with Actor Victor Webster, Stunt Coordinator Kimani Ray Smith, and VFX Supervisor Adam Stern
  • Second Skin Commentary with Co-Executive Producer Shelley Eriksen and Executive Story Editor Jonathan Lloyd Walker
  • Second Opinion Commentary with Actors Brian Markinson and Jennifer Spence
  • Second Truths Commentary with Co-Executive Producer Shelley Eriksen and Executive Story Editor Jonathan Lloyd Walker
  • Second Degree Commentary with Actors Erik Knudsen and Richard Harmon
  • Second Listen Commentary with Actors Omari Newton and Luvia Petersen
  • Seconds… Commentary with Director Mike Rohl and Actors Erik Knudsen and Richard Harmon
  • Second Guessed Commentary with Actors Omari Newton and Luvia Petersen
  • Second Last Commentary with Director Amanda Tapping and Actor Magda Apanowicz
  • Second Time Commentary Director/Executive Producer Pat Williams, Creator Simon Barry, and Actor Rachel Nichols
  • Continuum: Behind the Scenes


Jan 1, 2014
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Congratulations to Rachel and her other half!

The new season of Continuum hasn’t started yet, but fans still know what’s in Rachel Nichols’s future – a walk down the aisle!

The actress, who stars in the sci-fi television drama about time travel, announced her engagement on Instagram Monday, posting a sweet photo of herself and fiancé Michael Kershaw celebrating their happy news over cocktails.

“ENGAGEMENT DRINKS: Thanks for all the well-wishes!” the actress, 33, wrote.

The pair toured Manhattan on Tuesday, posting photos from Broadway and Grand Central Terminal. Not only do we get a view of the cuddly duo at the historic train station, but also (and perhaps, more importantly), a glimpse of her new diamond sparkler.

“There’s something so soothing about the hum of Grand Central Station,” she wrote.

Nichols was previously married to Star Trek producer Scott Stuber. The pair split in 2009 after seven months of marriage.


Jan 1, 2014
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The intense action-horror film Raze tells a story set in a modern day coliseum of sorts, where 50 women are condemned to kill each other, in order to protect their own loved ones. When Jamie (Rachel Nichols) wakes up after being abducted and finds herself in a concrete bunker, she realizes that she must fight fellow abductee Sabrina (Zoe Bell), in a bare-knuckle brawl to the death.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Rachel Nichols talked about how she got involved with this project, why Jamie was the character she ended up playing, how this was not her first time going head-to-head with experienced and accomplished stuntwoman/actress Zoe Bell, what it was like to do fight scenes in such a confined space, how much her role changed in the final film, gauging just how far they could push the violence, and how freeing it was to do the fight scenes in such a stripped down way. She also talked about her sci-fi TV series Continuum, currently shooting its third season, and what fans can expect. Check out what she had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.
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